Mari Boine (Joik – The Saami Chant)

Mari Boine “Etno Jenny”

This is a very powerful joik from Mari Boine´s CD Balvvoslatnja (Room of Worship)  


Mari Boine – Gilvve Gollat (“Sow Your Gold”)

In this song Mari Boine sings to the Great Sun Maiden, Beaivi Nieida, Mother and Father of all that lives in Saami pagan mythology. She asks the Sun to sow her gold everywhere. The language is Saami from Northern Norway.  The music and lots more may be found on her CD Leahkastin, my favorite Mari Boine CD.


Mari Boine Concert


Mari Boine “Gula Gula” (“Listen, listen, to the voice of the ancestral mothers”)

The Saami Rebellion in Kautokeino, Norway, 1852

kautokeino-oppr_ret_123461f In 1852, a group of Saami people rebelled against the Norwegian authorities in Kautokeino, (the authorities consisting of priest, sheriff and shop-keeper). The rebellion ended in tragedy as several young people were imprisoned and some beheaded. Aslak Hætta was among the people beheaded after the rebellion. His skull was sent to the University of Oslo to be studied as a “Lapp (Saami) skull”. The Saami were considered an inferior race by the Norwegian authorities. Aslak was the great grandfather of Mari Boine.

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